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In modern-day warehouse operations, orchestrating procurement, production, sales, inventory and distribution management with real-time automation is vital to fulfil complex supply-chain demands and deliver superlative customer experience.

Whatever your business caters to B2B, B2C or both, Stockontrol™ helps you optimise your procurement to dispatch processes and everything in between. Designed and built for businesses that need a ready-to-use solution, Stockontrol™ unlocks exceptional business value and benefits.

A subscription-based solution on the Cloud, Stockontrol™ gives instant flexibility and scalability to your inventory management and warehouse operations. A fully featured, configurable Web-admin portal and a Hand-Held Device app, Stockontrol™ enables fast and accurate processing of your Purchase, Product and Sales & Distribution functions. Depending on your scale of operations, Hand-Held devices are embedded with the Stockontrol™ RFID app (rather than just Barcode), accelerating accurate and fast end-point data capture of your tagged inventory.

If your business has a significant volume and frequency of goods-in (POs), validating in-bound receipts, arranging stock in racks, processing sales orders, picking, packing, dispatching and reconcile stock, transform your Warehouse Operations with Stockontrol™. Call NOW to speak to an expert.

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